Breadcrumbs Help

Embed your GPS track inside your WordPress blog

Take your blog/website to the next level with the new Breadcrumbs WordPress plugin. The official Breadcrumbs WordPress plugin allows you to easily integrate your GPS tracks into your WordPress blog. Below is an example of what it looks like:.

Installation Instructions

This quick guide shows you how to find the plugin, install it and use the various parameters to customize the look and feel to fit your blog..

How to find the Breadcrumbs Plugin?

  1. Log into your Blog as administrator and locate the 'Plugins' section on the left.
  2. Click on 'Add new' in newly opened link list
  3. Search for 'Breadcrumbs GPS'
  4. In the result list you should now see our plugin listed. Click on 'Install now' and confirm with 'Ok'
  5. If the installation was successful you should see: Successfully installed the plugin
  6. Now make sure you click on Activate Plugin

Customizing the plugin

Our WordPress plugin comes with a set of options to allow you to customize the plugin so you can tailor it to fit your exact needs. You can not only adjust the width and height, but also things like showing/hiding the playback bar or the chart.

To modify these parameters and setup defaults go to the plugin settings page (Expand 'Settings' in the left panel and select 'Breadcrumbs GPS'). These settings are applied to any track you add to your blog but they can be overridden per individual track.)


Read on for the full list of options. Please use the word in brackets for the individual overrides.


  • Width (width)
  • Height (height)
  • Units (unit): km or miles.
  • Map type (maptype): You can choose between satellite, hybrid, map or terrain for the default map.
  • Playback toolbar (showtoolbar): Show or hide the toolbar (show|hide)
  • Media bar (showmedia): Show or hide the photo thumbnails (show|hide)
  • Statistics (showmedia): Show or hide the photo thumbnails (show|hide)
  • Chart (showchartinfo): Show or hide the charts (show|hide)

How to use it in your blog

Including the plugin in your blog post is as simple as adding following line to the desired location in the blog:

[breadcrumbs track=105983]

To override the individual options just add them

[breadcrumbs track=105983 width=550 unit=km maptype=satellite showtoolbar=show showmedia=show showstatsbar=show showchartinfo=show]

Where do I find the track ID?

  • Login to Breadcrumbs and go to Upload and Manage page.
  • Upload the GPS track you wish to display on your blog and then select it.
  • Click on the 'Embed' button on the toolbar.


  • Copy the track ID from the WordPress code field.