Karimunjawa is a tropical island where you only have electricity between 18pm and 7.30am. Its supposed to be one of the 3 best spots to snorkel in Indonesia. Because of the lack of any infrastructure (no restaurants, just a basic warung) there are hardly any western tourists, mainly indonesians. Most people live from fishing and they don\'t really care about a clean environment, therefore most beaches are not clean at all, unfortunately. Snorkeling however is amazing, lots of spots around the small islands, where you snorkel half a meter above the corals. Here we spent the first afternoon with the bike on the island. There is just one real road to get around.


Karimunjawa first bike trip

By corck
00:47, 04 Jul 2010
02:03, 04 Jul 2010
corck's gps track stream
Speed: 0 km/h
Max: 30.0 km/h
Avg: 9.0 km/h
Avg Moving: 21.9 km/h
Distance: 0 km
Total: 11.5 km
Uphill: 3.7 km
Downhill: 7.8 km
Elevation: 0 m
Max: 63.0 m
Min: 15.0 m
Gain: 230.0 m
Loss: 238.0 m
Total Time: 1 h 16 min

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