​Dog walk / hike with Millie up Brothers Creek trail. Made it up to Blue Gentian Lake. Beautiful up there with the snow. Ascended 630 m, total trip length 8.3 km. 

Pretty slippery with no new snow lately. Be careful out there! I had to adopt the four legged/crab walk/bum toboggan for a few spots. But had a lot of fun doing it. 

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2011-DEC-14: Brothers Creek with Millie

By wagging-trails
07:43, 14 Dec 2011
10:32, 14 Dec 2011
West Vancouver, BC, Canada
wagging-trails's gps track stream
Speed: 0 km/h
Max: 14.2 km/h
Avg: 2.9 km/h
Avg Moving: 3.5 km/h
Distance: 0 km
Total: 8.3 km
Uphill: 3.4 km
Downhill: 4.8 km
Elevation: 0 m
Max: 815.0 m
Min: 352.0 m
Gain: 781.0 m
Loss: 795.0 m
Total Time: 2 h 48 min

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